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AuFocus 2KW Bluetooth Diesel Heater

AuFocus 2KW Bluetooth Diesel Heater

SKU: AF-2kw-MZ Gen4

AuFocus has built a reputation for quality, reliability, safety and great value for money and that is why its Diesel Heaters are now being used by Jayco throughout Australia.


AuFocus diesel heater has been designed with Unique features to increase which make the installation faster, neater and safer.


This premium quality diesel heater kit is backed by a 24 month warranty and after sales support.


This is the 2023 Gen4 bluetooth model with a number of upgrades including, tank upgrade to better washers, better spring loaded fuel cap, Also the wiring harness is upgraded to fireproof harness with a harder material and improved finish, This kit now also includes an upgraded exhaust with exhaust tip included and a flame proof sleeve for the exhaust, Kit also includes a flange for beneeth the mounting plate.

  • What's Included

    • Easy to follow DIY Installation manual

    • Easy to read user manual

    • 5L Stainless Steel Fuel Tank with top mount top mounted dial fuel level gauge, lockable fuel cap and fuel pickup

    • LCD panel with remote control plus easy to download app and control the heater from your phone.

    • Solid construction - high grade heat resistant hard casing

    • Flat vents

    • Super quiet heavy duty fuel pump

    • PA66 hard nylon fuel line 6m (size:4*1mm(thickness)) and good quality black rubber connectors.

    • Unique design wiring harness with detachable fuel pump power so that it can be fed through the specially designed mounting plate. The wiring harness includes 5m of 2.5mm wire core power cable, 2.5m controller cable and 3.5m pump cable - All in premium flame retardant conduit and Anderson Plugs attached for optional use

    • Quality air filter

    • Premium reusable fuel filter made with alloy top and base.

    • High grade exhaust with flame retardant sleeve, heavy duty muffler and exhaust tip.

    • Powder coated unique design mounting plate allowing to allow pump power and unit power to be fed through with allowing for an easier installation - Also includes a thicker mounting gasket to increase heating protection to the caravan floor.

    • Thicker durable plastic cable ties

    • High quality clamps and other accessories required for a complete installation.

  • Features:

    • RCM Certification

    • Three modes: 1. Fan only / 2. Manual Heat Mode 1 - 10 / 3. Smart mode - set a temperature and it stops heating and burning fuel once it arrives at the target temperature and starts again once it drops two degrees.

    • Small and compact design for an easy space-saving installation

    • Easy to use LCD panel with remote control - Also features, Bluetooth connectivity and app to control from your phone.

    • Sensors on both the control board and fan for additional safety protection

    • High and Low Voltage & Current protection

    • Fast heat up time and maintains a consistent temperature

    • Auto cool down process when powered off

    • Low fuel consumption

  • Specifications:

    • Power: 1KW-2KW Adjustable

    • Fuel: Diesel only

    • Rated Voltage: DC 12V

    • Fuel Consumption(L/h): 0.1-0.3

    • Working Temperature: -40℃~+50℃

    • Working Temperature of the Oil pump: -40℃~+40℃

    • Main Unit Size: Length 340mm* Height 115mm* Width 115mm*

    • Tank Size: Depth 110mm* Height 325mm* Width 265mm* Neck&Cap Height 70mm*

    • Black flame retardant plastic casing (Top Grade)

    • LCD - Can display Error Codes for easy troubleshooting if required

    • Power (5~35w/h). peak consumption up to 90~150w for the first few minutes whilst the glow plug heats up.

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