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AUTOTERM Diesel Air Heater 12volt 2kw Kit with Rotary Controller. 2D12PU5

AUTOTERM Diesel Air Heater 12volt 2kw Kit with Rotary Controller. 2D12PU5

SKU: 100-02502


  • Silent pump. The Autoterm manufactured fuel dosing pump reduces noise output by 95% - perfect for the lightest sleepers.
  • Brushless fan motor. No one else is using this technology that provides much more torque and longer lifetime of the motor.
  • Stepless fan speed. All other heaters use fixed fans speed steps, but Autoterm computer algorithm can precisely choose the fan speed required to achieve the best heater temperature response, which maintains room temperature more accurately and allows more efficiency from the heater.
  • Balanced fan. Each heater fan assembly is run on a balancing machine, the balancing prevents noise and vibration from the heater even at its max speed of 4500rpm. Prevents premature wear of the heater.
  • Air intake silencer included. This is a genuine silencer that helps make Autoterm heaters the quietest heaters in the market.
  • Superb quality control. Every component has an individual serial number and quality control is taken very seriously. Autoterm heaters are ISO 9001 compliance and CE approved. As there is no current compliance required in Australia, we make sure all European and UK approvals are adhered to, plus every heater is run on a computer controller test bed for one hour, from every production run, one heater is run for 3000 hours.
  • Local support. we carry a full range of spare parts and our team is available to answer all queries.
  • Factory support. Whilst we are locally responsible to help with any possible issue, the Autoterm factory guarantees a worldwide 2-year warranty on any heater purchased, with a 24 hour help line available.
  • Latvian made. Quality control of the new manufacturing plant has already been approved by internationally recognized standards ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015, as well as the new Latvian-made air & liquid heaters have already received E2-122R & E2-10R conformity certificates that adhere to safe product use in any land or marine vehicle.
  • Operation at -40 degrees. These heaters are built not to fail. They are relied on all over the world to provide heat in extreme weather conditions.

The PU-5 Rotary Controller is very easy to operate and install. Simply turn the heater on and adjust the fan speed/heat output with the rotary knob.

  • Specifications:

    • Fuel: diesel
    • Fuel Consumption: 0.1-0.24 L/h
    • Hot Air Flow: 34-75 m3/h
    • Set Weight: 6.5kg
    • Power Consumption: min 10W to max 29W
    • Stepless DC Induction Motor
    • Made in Europe
    • Dimensions: 119 x 145 x 310 mm (W x H x D)
  • Complete Installation Kit with Rotary Controller c

    • Heater and Controller
    • Fuel Pump and 6m Cable
    • Power Cable with Fuses 6.5m
    • Controller Cable 1.8m
    • Air Intake Hose 65cm and Air Intake Silencer 18cm
    • Fuel Pump Rubber Holder-Supporting Brackets
    • Mounting Base Plate
    • Clamps and Screws
    • Muffler with Mounting Kit
    • Fuel Hose 10m
    • Spiral Wound Exhaust Pipe 1m
    • Heat Insulation for Exhaust 45cm
    • Fuel Standpipe 68cm
    • Air Intake grill
    • Heater Vent
    • Heater Ducting 1.2m
  • NOTE:

    Whilst the heater kits come with a fuel pick up, they do not come with a tank

Ships within 3-5 Business days
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