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Gen2 PlatinumX
  • Gen2 PlatinumX

    Discover the PlatinumX, an exceptional alarm system by RVsecure that sets a new standard in the industry and is a big step up from a basic anti theft system. This state-of-the-art product offers a comprehensive range of features and unparalleled flexibility, exceeding expectations as a market-leading solution.


    With a solid list of standard inclusions and the option to customize the system to your specific requirements, the PlatinumX emerges as the ultimate choice. Experience unmatched versatility and tailor-made security that perfectly aligns with your individual needs, making the PlatinumX the number one option in its class.

    • Features

      Multiple Sensors

      AntiTow / AntiHitch Brake Locking

      Advanced Brake Tamper Detection

      Brake Safety Interlock

      Active Anti-Jamming

      Battery Voltage Alarm

      Multiple Arming Modes

      LCD Screen


      Flash Lights and Alarm Siren

      Full plug'n'play with optional GPS

      Made in Australia

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