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Gen2 ProtectorX

Gen2 ProtectorX

Introducing the ProtectorX, a user-friendly RV alarm system by RVsecure that offers exceptional value for money. Designed with simplicity in mind, this system provides unparalleled features for an entry-level alarm system available in the market.


Equipped with an internal motion detector, door sensor, and fully adjustable Anti-Tow / Anti-Hitch brake locking, the ProtectorX delivers comprehensive protection for your RV. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable anti-theft system that combines multiple features to keep your vehicle secure.


With the ProtectorX, you get a cost-effective solution that surpasses expectations and sets a new standard in RV alarm systems.

  • Features

    Multiple Sensors

    AntiTow / AntiHitch Brake Locking

    Advanced Brake Tamper Detection

    Brake Safety Interlock

    Flash Lights and Alarm Siren


    Made in Australia


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