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Happy Bowl Toilet Liners - 50 Pack

Happy Bowl Toilet Liners - 50 Pack

SKU: 850-04102


Happy Bowl toilet liners are a great help for keeping your portable toilet,  RV toilet and boat toilet clean with no fuss,  no brush.  

Normally at home you'd have a toilet brush near by,  when camping it's not really practical to take such an item.  This can mean that you're cleaning the toilet with your hands and toilet paper.  Not an enjoyable experience,  and can ruin what would otherwise be a nice toilet experience.

If you match up your portable,  chemical camping toilet with a Happy Bowl Toilet liner using your toilet is much easier.  Turning your portable toilet experience to as good as it as at home.

  • How to use:

    Place 1 toilet liner over the bottom of your toilet bowl.  Keep the trap door shut.
    Do what you need to on the toilet (with the trap door shut).
    Flush water
    Open trap door.
    Job done!  No mess.

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