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HikeIt Throttle Controller

HikeIt Throttle Controller

The Hikeit X9 is a High-End throttle response controller that removes response time delays on any vehicle with an electronic (fly by wire) throttle or accelerator.

  • Tech Specs

    Internal Chipset: Dual Chip 32 bit CPU
    Processor Made In: Switzerland
    Digital Display: Yes
    Driving Modes
    Automatic Mode: Yes
    High Performance Mode: Yes
    Sport/Tow Mode: Yes
    Cruise Mode: Yes
    Economy/4X4 Mode: Yes
    Other Features
    Transmission Selection (AT/MT) Yes
    Anti-Theft Mode: Yes
    One-Key Overtake Mode: Yes
    Automatic Brightness Sensor: Yes
    Vehicle Specific Pedal Plug: Yes
    Case Frame Material: Aluminium
    Tune Settings within Function: 9 x 4 modes = 36
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Yes
    Warranty: Lifetime

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